Abandoned building in Venice Beach, CA http://okk.io/1pGsF6B manfrys

The birth of a beach, Hawaii. Photo by Bruce Omori. http://okk.io/ZsxtYq manfrys

Bridge PVG, Lisbon, Portugal by Hugo Só http://okk.io/Zsxtri manfrys

Baby rice field, Chiang Mai, Thailand by Wanasapong Jaiinpol http://okk.io/ZsxsDD manfrys

Natadera Temple in winter, Japan by Anderson Sato http://okk.io/Zsxprq manfrys

South Italy - Two smoking volcanoes (Etna and Stromboli) seen from space http://okk.io/ZsxoDZ manfrys

CondensationStations by MarkJayBee http://okk.io/Zsxmfn manfrys

DC Tower, Vienna by Martynas Milkevicius http://okk.io/1pGsAQc manfrys

Lake Wanaka lonely willow tree. New Zealand: Photo: Timothy Poulton http://okk.io/ZsxlrR manfrys

A row of abandoned houses in Iceland by Þorsteinn H Ingibergsson http://okk.io/Zsxlbh manfrys

Morning in forest of Zsámbék, Hungary by Andy 58 http://okk.io/1oxNBgJ manfrys

Snakey stairs in Umschreibung, Munich by Ali Erturk http://okk.io/1ryBQu1 manfrys

Geyser in Yellowstone Park, Wymoing http://okk.io/1u79SHO manfrys