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How a marketer’s brain works.


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Happy Easter.

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Goodbye my friend!


Goodbye my friend!


Happy Birthday Mr. Alan Wilder with your album ‘Bloodline’, released yesterday on 19|4|2010 ! 

Selected is the 1st compilation album released by Recoil [Alan Wilder] The album features an eclectic mixture of vocalists including: Diamanda Galas, Joe Richardson, Douglas McCarthy, Samantha Coerbell, Siobhan Lynch, Toni Halliday Nicole Blackman, Maggie Estep & Caria Trevaskis.

The tracks on Selected has been chosen by Alan Wilder who explained that the collection was made up of “his personal favourites, remastered and edited together into what I consider a cohesive and total listening experience. The tracks have been edited, where appropriate, by Wilder and Paul Kendall and re-mastered with Simon Heyworth at the Super Audio Mastering.

The album is available as a single CD, double CD with new remixes and alternative versions, chosen and edited together by Wilder and Paul Kendall, a limited edition 4-vinyl box, plus a limited edition deluxe 4-disc box set. The artwork for Selected was designed by Un.titled under the able guidance of Matt Culpin.

link Promo Alan Wilder / Recoil “Selected” short film 2010:

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[Alan Wilder was member of Depeche Mode from 1982 - 1995 & was also known as The Boss / El Papi]


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